November 10th, 2008


captain, we have a server down

When I left the house this morning, the webserver was less than 5% of the way through fsck'ing a 350GB USB-attached disk, and an hour and change later it doesn't appear to be back online, so I suspect both and my email will be down until I get home this evening. Gah.

update: we're back. w00t.

It's like gym but not as we know it

Only my second week back and already I'm starting to feel like I can think about putting the weights up a little again. In fact, I definitely think I could do more with the hamstrings if both the seated leg curl machines didn't have locked up frickin' computers attached. One of which, I might add, has been locked up since about Wednesday last week. I was surreptitiously looking around for a way of power-cycling the thing, but I think I'd actually have to yank the plug out of the wall, and it's not convenient to do so. Lest there be any doubt: while my tendency towards sloth restricts my choice of gym to SUCKWEASEL CRUNCH FITNESS, make no mistake that SUCKWEASEL CRUNCH FITNESS are, in fact, SUCKWEASELS.