September 20th, 2008


run, ronan, run!

distance: half-marathon (13.1 miles)
target: several; beat last year (1:43:58), beat 1:40, beat 1:35, and in event of a miracle hit 1:31 bang on the nose (that'd be matching my pace in the 10-mile, essentially)
result: 1:38:32. HURRAH!

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't make the 1:35, since I was on target for it, but I really wiped myself out on the first 5 miles and paid for it for the rest of the race. Walked through the water stands, walked a small bit of the 13th mile before driving myself into a run for the finish. Blisters: yes. I tried everything. Talc, pre-application of blister plasters, brand new double-layer socks, shoes tied good and tight, and still I have angry red feet now. Well, mostly on one foot, the other isn't so bad.

Splits, such as I can recall: 5 miles under 34 minutes, 10 miles about 73 minutes, and I think the last mile was probably 9-10 minutes despite my best efforts.

I have never felt quite so exhausted in my life. Or if I have, I was so tired I can't recall it.

ow, dammit

So one of the more peculiar post-race injuries appears to be my right shoulder. Now, it's entirely possible I slept on it the wrong way or something, but I don't recall having any trouble with it this morning so I can only attribute its current state of "please do not lift me in that direction" to the race.

This is obviously a major concern, since this is my drinking arm, dammit.