September 3rd, 2008


welcome to genericnet!

My bag turned up this morning. If I'm reading the site correctly, it actually turned up last night, and they handed it off to a next-day-delivery courier. One of the things in the bag was my office phone, which when powered on, received a text message saying,
"Welcome from O2. You are now roaming on the %%Network%% network. [-]"
For good measure, they send me the same message an hour or so later, complete with the same "%%Network%%" bit in it. CODING FAIL.

condition: victory!

So I'm used to (but never to the point of taking for granted) the mystical secret superpower that allows me to learn the names of serving staff (usually barstaff) and acquire free drinks.

But tonight exceeded all previous outings: my entire TAB was covered by the bar. And no, I do not mean "I did a runner".