July 13th, 2008


apple exchange rate: something to carry my iBook in

I've been eyeing up Brenthaven's Expandable Trek backpack as something that I could use both for hauling my shiny toy around and also something I could use for commuting to the office (since the office laptop is roughly the same dimensions as the shiny toy). Brenthaven and Froogle both give the list price of this particular piece of luggage as $99.99, with Froogle showing various discounted versions as low as $65 or so. However, the backpack is also stocked in the Apple Store, which is more convenient for me in as much as that would mean shipping from within this country and paying in Euros, except that Apple are using the magical $1 = €1 exchange rate. Right now, that means that if I bought this from Apple's Irish store I'd be gouged a whopping €40 over the (US) list price. For comparison, I went digging for a more local non-Apple supplier, and found a UK site listing the same product (out of stock, alas) for about €75 - not great, but still almost €25 cheaper than Apple.
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