May 18th, 2008


see waider run (2008 edition)

So, my first run in 2008, and my first run in the over 35 category: 5 miles around southside Dublin in just a shade under 33 minutes. Go me, etc. I was most pleased to note that my half-way split time was bang on 16 minutes, which bodes well for clocking a 20-minute 5k next time I try one.

Blisters: again, yes. Dammit. I really need to sort that out, because it's annoying as much as it's painful.

Well, that made me grin

A recent poll showed increased support for the incumbent parties, but what I didn't know and have just now discovered is that Enda Kenny was rated least popular party leader. Excellent!

and while I'm mentioning politics

Some advice, or perhaps a request, on the Lisbon Treaty referendum: don't vote for your party's line. Don't vote against the government. Don't be swayed by Sinn Féin's COIR's somewhat tasteless reference to the 1916 Rising. Don't pay attention to the scaremongers on all sides telling you it'll hurt the country whichever way we vote.

Find out what the vote is about, and make up your own mind.

updated: Those aren't Sinn Féin's posters, much to my surprise. The "responsible" group has registered a very unbiased-sounding domain name on which to host their arguments, but they're quite obviously in the NO camp. No, I'm neither mentioning nor linking the actual domain here.