May 11th, 2008


my first bbq of 2008

Well, kinda. In that I made some barbeque sauce, marinaded two pork chops in it, then grilled them and served one (to myself) with some fried potato slices. It did feature some of the best parts of a barbeque, though:
  • Somewhat inclement weather, albeit outdoors
  • Meat not cooked at the same time as non-meat
  • Meat slightly burnt on the outside (although I did manage to avoid the corresponding raw-on-the-inside feature)
  • Makings of salad, to balance out the unhealthiness, left to one side

reliving my youth through youtube

Wow. There's so much stuff on youtube. I've just been punching in random song titles from the late 80s - early 90s (when it was de rigeur to have either "House" or "Jack" in your song title, and your chart position was seemingly based on how many samples you could cram into 3 minutes) and I've found a match for every single one. I may have to create a playlist to illustrate my point, if I can be bothered...