April 3rd, 2008



Some time in the wee hours of this morning, there was a bird singing outside my window. It sounded like it had been taught to sing by a car alarm. Ugh.

I dreamed U2's new album[1]. I can only remember that the first and last tracks concerned meeting a girl on a train and seeing the girl depart on a train respectively. Actually, it might have been a tram. And the leaving tram/train was in a horrible accident with the implication that that's why there wasn't a next song. And when I say the songs concerned these things, I mean I was watching and/or starring in the videos. I don't recall music or lyrics, just that there was definitely some of both. The dream seemed to be partly lucid, too.

After the trainwreck song (hah) I was again on a train, this one being derailed by another train but somehow maintaining its pace, and then being chased by an avalanche for a bit.

Dreams are curious things.

[1] I don't know that U2 have a new album, but they're about due one.