April 1st, 2008


Bad Science, now with added swearing

The more I read Ben Goldacre, the more I'm convinced it's actually the extremely prolific Warren Ellis on another one of his random Internet forays.
The most important take home message here is that I got some very impressive swearing into one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, and I have therefore won the internet. (link)
I'm pretty sure it was on one of Ellis' sites that I first came across the phrase "I have won the internet".

I think I broke something

Fiddling with the tags on my LiveJournal entries just now, I figured I'd use the "rename tag" feature to merge those tagged with quote (3 entries) into those tagged with quotes (57 entries). So I renamed quote to quotes. And was presented with quote: 1 entry, quotes: 57 entries. Er. So I manually edited the one entry that was tagged with quote, retagged it as quotes, and saved it. The Manage Tags page is still claiming there's one post tagged with quote, and if I click on Display Journal Entries I get no posts.