March 13th, 2008


no, really, I'm not petty

I met a guy today who I used work with back in 1998. And the first thing that came to mind when he came over to (re)introduce himself was that I'd loaned him a book, and never got it back from him.

Snow Crash, in case you're wondering.

"why's it say DO NOT BEND? It *DO* bend!"

Received in the mail today: a Goats signed print. This was dispatched by US Mail on January 26. A related packaged shipped from the same location on January 22 arrived within a week. The print was in a large, stiff cardboard envelope stamped with a large, red "DO NOT BEND" in two places, but was distinctly S-shaped by the time it showed up on my desk. Thank you, the postal services, for this token of your surly and abusive service.

(the print was largely unharmed; nothing a bit of pressing under some heavy books won't fix.)