January 25th, 2008


can't sleep, bugs will eat me

...I tried as an experiment drinking coffee on top of the Modafinil, but this turned even my briefest emails into sixty paragraph stream-of-consciousness rants, and I found myself writing object factories just to turn a string into lower case. (link)
Maciej Ceglowski is, as always, highly entertaining.

once again, I present: our opposition party

Here, using the "something should be done" line, is Fergus O'Dowd, the Fine Gael transport spokesman, on an accident on Dublin's ring-road this morning:
"This is yet another example of the need for a quick reaction force with the necessary powers to keep traffic moving and to ensure emergency services can reach the site of an accident," Mr O'Dowd said.
What powers, exactly, Mr. O'Dowd? The power to warp physics? The power to magically create new offramps where nothing currently exists? The roadworks as they stand already provide an emergency lane to allow ambulances, etc. to "reach the site of an accident". And they have, y'know, those flashy blue lights, and the siren thingies, and the general goodwill of a populace who realises that some day they might need such a service and who therefore do what they can to squeeze out of the way.

This is yet another example of the need for an actual opposition party as opposed to the current shower of muppets.