January 24th, 2008


you people need to do some more location research

There was a film crew in our office space today. Not actually in our office; we share a building with a bunch of start-up companies, and the film crew was filming some guy talking about (from what I saw on the autocue) phishing.

I was unable to prevail upon one of our ITSec guys to stand just out of shot whispering "bullshit" at appropriate intervals.

However, this crew chose to set up their initial shoot outside our door. We're the biggest office in the building, and thus there are constantly people coming and going, and we're not going to be held up (by and large) by a camera crew. So they got interrupted a lot.

And so later they had moved.

To the end of the building nearest the main doors, thus ensuring that every company on the premises got to walk people through the shot. On top of which they'd camped next to the toilets. Muppets.