January 22nd, 2008


disappointed, I tell you

A quick Google search for a Firefly Drinking Game reveals that neither of the main contenders (from FireflyWiki and DrinkiWiki respectively, largely stolen off each other from the looks of it) suggest doing anything when Mal punches out or otherwise threatens a member of his own crew. Seriously, folks. How could you miss that?

I also note the absence of any activity pertaining to a member of the crew being seriously injured in a firefight. I'm pretty sure they all got shot at one point or another during the TV series, with the possible exception of Inara.

maybe it's time I switched my email client

An email as it was displayed to me just now:
This is a text part of the message.

It is shown for the users of old-style e-mail clients
Old-style. Back in the days before email-borne virii, full-colour pornographic junk, and OCR-defeating stock-dump scams. Bring back the good old days, I say!

a bit of an odd coincidence

This morning I was telling my coworkers about AT&T's 1991 MLK day outage (the short version: they deployed faulty software which, on crashing, caused an exchange to send out a signal to its neighbouring exchanges to say "I'm rebooting"; this signal caused the receiving exchanges to crash. Whammo, half the network fell over. AT&T initially blamed it on hackers), and this evening I find my cellphone has dropped off the network and can't even get the operator (O2) on the manual network selection list.

update: coverage lost in South Dublin/Wicklow.