January 21st, 2008


reading recommendation

A long time back, I recommended that people read Superchick, not least because it has a very, very good rendition of the fine Irish art of taking the piss out of your closest friends in ways which would cause a fight in most other cultures.
If you liked this book, you should buy the followup, Rock and a Hard Place.

If you did not like this book, or failed to purchase it, or missed my original reference, or indeed if you DID like this book*, you should immediately purchase Ride On, the third book of the series. You do not actually need to buy the first two, although I'm sure the author would like you to; there are some back-references you may be curious about, but they're not essential to the operation of the storyline, which by turns had me laughing and fighting off tears. As ever, the dialogue is easily the best part, but there's also the bungee-jumping story, which practically had me on the floor laughing, and there's the insane accuracy of the Irish countryside to match the previous insane accuracy of life in Dublin. Just go buy it already, and thank me later.

*this covers all eventualities. BUY THE BOOK.