January 9th, 2008


Dear Handmark, your website sucks

I decided I'd actually shell out for Scrabble™ on my Palm, and duly went to the handmark.com website to pay. After creating an account for myself and taking two attempts to enter my credit card information (mandatory fields were not indicated, and my phone number has never been a mandatory field for a credit card purchase), it told me that the product is only available to customers in the US.

So I payed the ~€3.00 extra to buy it off the local Palm store.

Losers. Don't make me go all the way through your checkout procedure just so you can tell me I can't have the thing I'm trying to buy - TELL ME UP FRONT.

badness comes in waves

Train fare hiked by 20¢ for the return ticket.
Raining as I walked from the office, hard enough to make my denims soak through in places.
Arrived at the station to discover my return ticket had vanished from my pocket somewhere en route.
Fought with the ticket machine, whose touchscreen was sufficiently out of alignment that pressing "More Destinations" tripped the "Redo screen in French" button below it, leaving me momentarily confused.
Arrived on the platform, damp, clutching single ticket, in time to watch the train pulling out of the station.