January 8th, 2008


words of advice to young people

When you're "rollin'" with your "homie" in the shitty little car that is all you can afford because of the cost of insurance for young male drivers in this country (which cost is strongly contributed to by your behaviour in said car) and you decide to demonstrate that, despite its decrepitude, it's still a penis extension by doing one of those wheel-spinning take-offs - which isn't really a much of a challenge in a small car with bad tyres on wet roads, but I digress - it's probably a good idea to make sure there are no Gardaí around first.

Ha ha ha.

a pot, kettle, black moment all of my own

Evidently I need to take my own advice and get out more - I just now saw Graham Linehan, one of the creators of Father Ted, talking about himself as "a typical Star Wars child"; a few cuts later, and he's pictured wearing a t-shirt with "1337" in big letters across the front.

And I laughed.